project: unstabilized

you've done it! hoping to break away from the repetitive monotony of modern life, you have signed up for that project: unstabilized program. and now it's actually happening. how unstabilized can you actually become?

a rather peculiar blend of typing-game mechanics, with roguelike elements (procedural room generation, perma-death), within a narrative that feels just slightly.. unstabilizing.


  • you can move with the arrow keys
  • you can also move by clicking with the left mouse button in the direction you want to go.
  • press space bar or enter to close dialog screens.
  • (controls can be remapped in the settings screen.)

difficulty levels

i found it a little hard to adjust difficulty settings and estimate what would be challenging for people with varying typing speeds. the difficulty setting can be changed on the main menu.

  • the default difficulty is normal, and i tried to balance it for average typing speeds (according to internet data). if you think it's too easy or too hard, please restart and adjust accordingly.
  • if you type with two fingers, you should try the game on easy.
  • if you feel like you can type above average without looking at your keyboard, you could try the game on hard.
  • please note, however, that in all options, the game gets more and more difficult as you progress.


  • the movement controls can be remapped in the settings screen, from the main menu.
  • the music and sound effects volumes can also be adjusted.
  • if during the game you want to toggle the light effects on or off, you can press the L key while on the map.



project: unstabilized was created for the godot wild jam #49, which ran from september 9th to the 25th. (happy 4th anniversary to the wild jam!)

overgrown: the further you progress in your unstabilization process, the more plants enshroud the rooms you pass through.

colossal creature: this one is admittedly a little far-fetched, but.. on every tenth room, you face a GIGANTIC HAND.

a blast from the pastel: all colors are based on the Sulu palette, created by jumbledFox


project_unstabilized 52 MB
project_unstabilized 51 MB

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